10-Day Detox

What's included ... and why EVERYONE needs to detoxify their body

  • Why detoxfying your body is important

    Toxins are all around us. In our personal care products, (like hand lotion), household cleaners, laundry products, not to mention what is outside our homes, like air pollution. These toxins interfere with normal body functions (i.e. thyroid & metabolism), and can cause disease.

  • Prep + Detox + Follow-up

    Preparation and follow-up always contribute to the success of any program! The 10-Day Detox starts with Phase 1: the Prep Period - clearing toxins and unhealthy foods out of the home, and bringing in nutritious foods. Phase 2: Detox - is the actual 10 days of detoxing, and Phase 3: Real Life - is the follow-up - making sure that you are able to incorporate some healthy practices into your everyday life.

  • Meal Info + Daily Support + Coaching

    This is NOT a fasting or juicing program. You will be eating normal, nutritious foods, and avoiding nasty processed foods. This program will help you do that. You'll get suggested meals, shopping lists, foods to include or avoid, and additional (optional) detoxing activities. You also get support via a private Facebook group and unlimited coaching support from Coach Amanda via text (6AM - 10PM). You will also be using products that will draw toxins out of your body and a product that helps your body adjust to a different diet (info below) .

  • Products

    You will be using some high-power detox products from Touchstone Essentials - they will work together to get the toxins out of you! Once you submit your order you will have 5-7 days to get ready for the Detox! Phase 1: Prep (at least 2 days!) Phase 2: Detox (10 full days) Phase 3: Real Life - is THE MOST IMPORTANT step (7 days). If further Real Life coaching is needed at that point, other programs will be available to you.

10-Day Detox

You get: All the food and detox information you need on our private website, membership in our private Facebook Group, daily tips and support via posts/emails, & unlimited text support from Coach Amanda

Your Detox Products

from Touchstone Essentials

  • Pure Body Extra Strength

    The world’s first hydrated zeolite reaches to a cellular level and works like mini-magnets to attract and remove positively-charged toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and more.

  • Boost Focus Fuel

    Curb cravings, sharpen focus, boost your metabolism and increase your energy with organic superfoods and adaptogen herbs.

  • Super Green Juice

    One scoop of Super Green Juice contains 44 organic superfoods that help cleanse your system, reset your metabolism, alkalize your body and unleash your natural energy.

  • Organic Super Protein

    Fuel your body with clean, complete superfoods and organic plant proteins rich in BCAAs to support healthy muscles.


So you know what you're getting in to ...

This program is meant to fit into YOUR life, and that is really the most important thing. But this is what I will be recommending ... Cleaning out your kitchen and pantry, i.e. getting rid of non-nutritious foods ... I'll have a shopping list of nutritious foods that would be good to have in your home ... During the actual 10 Days of Detox you'll (1) drink two shakes per day made with the Touchstone Essentials products - these provide excellent nutrition and will help your body to naturally eliminate toxins, (2) eat other nutritious foods, and (3) take one supplement that will help you feel awesome and one detox supplement that will act like a magnet to pull toxins out of your body ... Other body-cleansing activities will be recommended, like drinking a lot of water ... You will be given a list of foods to avoid - you will see the best results if you follow this, but you can be as strict as you decide to be.